SAE 20W50

Volume: 4L, 18L, 200L

Emplios SAE 20W50 API CF-4/SJ is a non-friction modified mineral oil with premium high performance.
It contains a double layer of engine, wear protection with full zinc and advanced
German technology. It contains a combination of high technology additives including
increased dispersant levels and low shear viscosity modifiers. It protects against corrosion, oil
oxidation and sludge under all operating conditions.
It is recommended to use in petrol, light duty diesel engines,
LPG/Dual fuel and four stroke motorcycles including those with wet clutches. It is also suitable to use
in petrol and LPG engines as a mixed fleet oil.
It is a high-quality product with high safety reserves.

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* Good shearing stability
* Excellent viscosity temperature attribute
* The product can effectively control the oil deterioration and prolong engine life.
* The product performance is in line with the United States API CG-4 level requirements
* Can be used in light and heavy duty diesel engines
* Compelling detergent and dispersant properties

Specification and Approvals

Technical Data Properties

Product Performance Claim

OEM APPROVAL * Mack EO-N, DDC series 2000 / 4000 Category 1, Caterpillar ECF-1,MAN 271, MTU Type I, MB 228.3/229.3, JASO MA, JASO DH-2