Power Steering Fluid

Volume: 1L

EXN – Power Steering Fluid is a premium quality fluid designed to provide high performance in power steering systems. It has been formulated to reduce power steering pump squeal even under severe conditions. It offers high performance for virtually all power steering systems (see applications) including those specifying the use of automatic transmission fluids.

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EXN – Power Steering Fluid helps prolong the life of power steering units. ATF is often used as Power Steering Fluid. It’s recommended to complete fluid replacement or top-off in most passenger cars and light duty trucks.


* Protects power steering unit components against wear
* Prevents rust and corrosion
* Protects against seal and hose deterioration
* Excellent high-temperature protection and low-temperature performance

Specification and Approvals

• DaimlerChrysler MS5931
• Ford ESW-M2C128-C and D
• GM 9985010
• Navistar TMS6810

Technical Data Properties

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