Motios 4T – SAE 15W50 Fully

Volume: 1L

EXN – 4T 15W-50 is a fully synthetic lubricant developed for the engines of four-stroke motorcycles. It can be safely used for four-stroke, high performance and air- cooled or water-cooled motorcycles. It is suitable for motorcycles built in Europe and in Japan for which the JASO MA2 specifications are recommended. The oil is a blend of synthetic / hydrocraked premium base oils and special additives which provide protection against high temperature oxidation, wear, and viscosity breakdown.

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* JASO MA2 approved to warranty a perfect lock up of wet clutch
* It reduces maintenance costs and easy gear shifting
* Highly oxidation stable to protect engine from oil thickening and high temperature deposits
* Can be mixed with synthetic or mineral lubricants.
* Shear stable viscosity index improver to protect against viscosity breakdown in severe service
* Recommended for all types of Motor Cycles

Specification and Approvals

Technical Data Properties
Viscosity grade SAE J 300 15W-50
Density @ 15oC ASTM D4052 0.870
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40ºC ASTM D7042 172.0
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100ºC ASTM D7042 18.5
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 145
Flash Point, ºC IP 523 245
Total Base Number ASTM D2896 8.50
Pour Point, ºC ASTM D97 -20
Cold Crank Visc @ -20ºC ASTM D5293 6520


Product Performance Claim