Motios 4T – SAE 15W50

Volume: 1L

EXN – Motios 4T – SAE 15W50 API SM/JASO MA2 is a semi synthetic lubricant developed for the engines of four-stroke motorcycles. It can be safely used for four-stroke, high performance and air- or water-cooled motorcycles. It is suitable for motorcycles built in Europe and in Japan with JASO MA2 specifications are recommended. The oil is a blend of synthetic/hydrocraked premium base oils and special additives which protects against high temperature oxidation, wear, and viscosity breakdown.

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It is designed to use in four stroke road and sports bikes, dirt and enduro bikes, ATV’s/Quad bikes and scooters as well as four stroke engines such as stationary engines and generators or other vehicles that require this grade and specification of engine oil. It can be used with petrol, racing and other conventional fuels.


* JASO MA2 approved to warranty a perfect lock up of wet clutch
* Reduces maintenance costs and easy gear shifting
* Highly oxidation stable to protect engine from oil thickening and high temperature deposits
* Can be mixed with synthetic or mineral lubricants.
* Shear stable viscosity index improver to protect against viscosity breakdown in severe service
* Recommended for all types of motorcycles

Specification and Approvals

Technical Data Properties
Colour ASTM D1500 2.5
Density @ 15oC ASTM D4052 0.865
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40ºC ASTM D7042 168.0
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100ºC ASTM D7042 17.5
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 135
Flash Point, ºC IP 523 220
Total Base Number ASTM D2896 7.00
Pour Point, ºC ASTM D97 -30
Cold Crank Visc @ -20ºC ASTM D5293 6850

Product Performance Claim