Long Life Coolant – Green

Volume: 1L

EXN SUPERCOOL LONGLIFE COOLANT -30 % PREMIX is new evolution of coolant built up from methylene glycol enriched with well known multi metal corrosion inhibitor- Organic Acid Technology ( OAT ). Specially formulated to prevent pitting cause by cavitation and corrosion multi metal such as brass, cooper, alloy, steel , ironm, cast iron, and aluminium. Its environmental free due to its non toxic ,nitrate -, amine-, phosphate-, borate-, and silicate free formulation.

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EXN SUPERCOOL LONGLIFE COOLANT -30 % PREMIX is suitable for the cooling system of LIGHT & HEAVY duty diesel and industrial engines where HOAT type of anti-freeze, anti-boil and corrosion inhibitor is demanded.


● Excellent heat transfer
● Compatible with hard water
● Silicate, borate, nitrate & amine free
● No resinous films or gums on metal

Technical Data Properties
Appearance Visual Tranlucent Green
Density @ 20oC ASTM D 1122 1.105
Freezing Point 35% Solution ASTM D 1177 -70
Boiling Point, undiluted ASTM D 1120 190.00
Boiling Point, 50% V/V ASTM D 1120 106.00
pH, 50% Solution ASTM D 1287 8.50
Reserve Alkalinity ASTM D 1121 5.5

Product Performance Claim


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