Heavy Duty Grease (190˚c)

Volume: 15KG

EXN – Heavy Duty Grease is a premium quality multi-purpose lithium complex grease, for use in all plain and anti-friction bearings. It provides extended lubrication intervals even under arduous conditions and wider operating temperature ranges.

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Additional information

Industry Specification

STANDARDS * DIN 51825: (2004-06), KP2K-30, NLGI 2


EXN- GRASIOS HEAVY DUTY GREASE-EP2 is suitable for use in all general grease applications in automative and industrial service. This includes plain bearings, slow speed wheel and anti friction bearings, chasis grease, general plant lubrication, agricultural and contruction equipment lubrication. Its applicable under all extreme pressure performance


● Oxidation Stability
● Mechanical Stability
● Load-carrying properties
● Wide operating temperature range
● It prevents wearing at impact and vibrating loads
● Protects against rust and corrosion, even in salt wate

Specification and Approvals

Technical Data Properties

Appearance Original
NLGI 2.0
Thickener Lithum Ep Grease
Texture Soft, Smooth
Dropping Point ASTM D-2265 1189
Worked Penetration @ 25 °C ASTM D-217 286
Worked, 60x Stroke ASTM D-217 289
Four Ball Wear Test, Scar diamete ASTM D-2266 <0.5
Four Ball Wear Test, Scar diamete ASTM D-2596 250

Product Performance Claim