Heavy Duty Grease (190˚c)

Volume: 15KG

EXN – Heavy Duty Grease is a premium quality multi-purpose lithium complex grease, for use in all plain
and anti-friction bearings. It provides extended lubrication intervals even
under arduous conditions and wider operating temperature ranges.

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Additional information

Industry Specification

STANDARDS * DIN 51825: (2004-06), KP2K-30, NLGI 2


EXN – Heavy Duty Grease is suitable to use in all general grease applications in automotive and industrial
service. This includes plain bearings, slow speed wheel and anti-friction bearings, chassis grease, general
plant lubrication and agricultural and construction equipment lubrication. It is formulated for industrial and
automotive applications where extreme pressure performance is required.


* Mechanical stability
* Oxidation stability
* It prevents wearing at impact and vibrating loads
* Wide operating temperature range
* Protects against rust and corrosion, even in salt water
* Load-carrying properties

Specification and Approvals

Technical Data Properties

Parameter Unit Method Value
NLGI Grade 2
Appearance Visual Brown
Thickener Type Lithium
Texture Adhesive, Smooth
Dropping Point, ºC ASTM D-2265 190
Worked Penetration @ 25°C ºC ASTM D-217 270
Base Oil Properties,
Kinematic @ 40°C cSt ASTM D-445 260
Kinematic @ 100°C cSt ASTM D-445 18
Four Ball Wear Test, scar diameter mm ASTM D-2266 0.4

Product Performance Claim