Extentios SAE 5W30 – Molyplus

Volume: 4L

A premium 100% Synthetic based and PAO formulated with special esters additive. It’s a range of products specially ever produced by EXN Lubricants Engineering. The Nano Tech engine oils guarantee full compatibility with modern clutch friction materials and ensure an unsurpassed, correct clutch engagement. As a result, it avoids friction around moving parts and minimizes heat, noise and fuel consumption due to less resistance. Thus, it protects engine against wear and tear, doubles the lifespan of engine and battery. High engine cleanliness is guaranteed in terms of turbo charging, complete catalyst operation, multi valves and diesel direct injections.

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EXN – EXTENTIOS 5W-30 MOLYPLUS API SN/CF is a high-quality supplier of a wide range of lubricants and product maintenances. We only supply products for motorised four-wheelers and that makes us unique! It’s recommended for petrol engines (multi-valve and turbo types, with or without catalytic converter), turbo-charged or naturally aspirated in cars and light vans. Manufactured and guaranteed with consistent high oil quality.


* PREMIUM 100% Synthetic PAO & ESTER base oils for ultimate performance
* FULL ZINC anti-wear with MOLYTECH additive package for wear protection
* Creates membrane, prefect lubricating
* Minimizes friction, prevent heat, save fuel
* Less friction requires less petrol to run the engine
* Very good detergency and dispersion
* Unchanged viscosity during the whole oil change interval, a high viscosity index

Specification and Approvals

Technical Data Properties

Viscosity Grade SAE J300 5W30
Colour ASTM D1500 Light Purple
Density @ 15oC ASTM D4052 g/ml 0.86
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40ºC ASTM D7042 mm²/s 56.5
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100ºC ASTM D7042 mm²/s 11.55
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 None 212
Flash Point IP 523 °C 240
Total Base Number ASTM D2896 mg KOH/g 9.5
Pour Point ASTM D97 °C -40
Cold Crank Visc @ -30ºC ASTM D5293 mPa.s (cP) 5280

Product Performance Claim

APPROVALS * BMW Longlife – 05, MB-Approval 229.5, Porsche A40, Renault RN0700/RN0710, VW 502 00/505 00, PSA B71 2296, Opel GM-LL-B-025