EXN – Industrial Synthetic – Cutting Oil C500

Volume: 18L, 200L

EXN – SYNTHETIC – CUTTING OIL C500 is a high performance semi-synthetic coolant formulated for a wide range of light to heavy duty machining operations on both ferrous and non-ferrous stocks It has been specifically formulated to allow rapid fines separation and to minimise the occurrence of sticky residues and is a major advance in fluidity and mobility of residual film. Its low foaming tendency in soft water is coupled with excellent stability in high chloride water and the ability to settle rapidly fine metallic particles and grinding wheel debris.

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EXN – SYNTHETIC CUTTING OIL C500 is recommended for machining aluminum, magnesium and copper, brasses and bronzes. It is particularly suited for deep hole drilling and similar high-speed operations. It can also be used for high-speed, light feed machining of screw stock steels and as a lubricant for high-speed spindles

EXN – SYNTHETIC CUTTING OIL C500 is displays high levels of resistance to bacterial and fungal attack and will retain its
excellent performance over a long working life.


• Combines the benefits of soluble oil with shop cleanliness approaching that of a true synthetic
• Excellent lubricity without chlorine, nitrites, phenols, sulfur or diethanolamine
• Chlorine free EP chemistry plates metal surfaces with sacrificial wear barrier in high load conditions
• Demulsifiers enhance rejection of tramp oils
• Improves cooling efficiency; prevents heat build up

Specification & Approvals

Technical Data Properties

Parameter SAE GRADE 25
Appearance Amber Liquid
Specific Gravity @ 20oC, kg/m3 ASTM D4052 0.891
EP Additives, % NONE
pH, diluted 1:20 (5% in DI Water) ICP 9.1
Flash Point, (°C) NONE
pH, concentrate ASTM D97 10.13

Product Performance Claim

HSE & Registration


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