EXN – Industrial Soluble Cutting Oil

Volume: 18L, 200L

EXN -INDUSTRIAL SOLUBLE CUTTING OIL is a general purpose cutting fluid, which when mixed with water, produces a milky fluid with high oil content. EXN -INDUSTRIAL SOLUBLE CUTTING OIL of Production Metalworking Fluids is a line of premium quality, extended service cutting oils and coolants, formulated to provide superior performance in a wide range of machining operations and metals.Large industrial machining operations and small machine shops alike can experience the many benefits of EXN – INDUSTRIAL SOLUBLE CUTTING OIL.

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Is a conventional cutting fluid, formulated to provide excellent defoam characteristics, good corrosion protection and a long sump life for this type of product. Is used for general purpose surface, cylindrical and centreless grinding, sawing, turning, milling and threading of easy to medium machining operations.


* Highly Solvent Refined 100% Paraffinic Base Stock
Superior lubricity & Superior temperature stability and cooling efficiency
* Heat activated chemistry plates metal surfaces with sacrificial wear barrier in high load conditions
* Superior corrosion control on machine surfaces and machined parts
* Improves cooling efficiency; prevents heat build up

Specification & Approvals

Technical Data Properties

Parameter SAE GRADE 30
Appearance Amber Liquid
Specific Gravity @ 20°C ASTM D4052 0.891
Mineral Oil Content % 78.00
EP Additives, % ICP 0.36
pH, diluted 1:20 (5% in DI Water) 9.6
Flash Point, ºC ASTM D97 165

Product Performance Claim

HSE & Registration


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