EXN – Brake Fluid DOT 4

Volume: 1L

EXN – Brake Fluid DOT 4 is a blend of premium grade glycols and glycol ethers with inhibitors for corrosion protection. It is recommended for complete fluid replacement and “top off” in most cars and light trucks. EXN – Brake Fluid DOT 4 is recommended for all anti-lock braking systems (ABS), hydraulic drum and disc braking systems and hydraulic clutches requiring DOT 3 or DOT 4 fluids.

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EXN – BRAKE FLUID DOT 4 is recommended for re-fill or top-up of brake and clutch systems in passenger cars, 4WD’s, motorcycles, light and heavy duty commercial vehicles, mining, construction and agricultural equipment that require a non petroleum based DOT 3, DOT 4 or Super DOT 4 brake & clutch hydraulic fluid. It can be used for first fill or refilling a brake or clutch system. For best results, the system should always be flushed with EXN – BRAKE FLUID DOT 4 prior to first fill or before refilling the system. Its should be changed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.


* Provides superior fluidity at low temperatures for optimal braking response
* Consistent and safe brake performance under high braking pressure
* Exceeds DOT 3 and DOT 4 and all leading auto manufacturer’s requirements
* Mixes with conventional brake fluids & Improved life and reliability of brake system components
* Excellent viscosity-temperature properties over a very high and low temperature range.

Specification & Approvals

Meets or exceeds SAE J1703 and SAE J1704
ISO 4925 Class 4
Ford ESZ-M6C55-A

Technical Data Properties

Appearance Visual Light Yellow
Density @ 20ºC ASTM D4052 1.060
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40ºC ASTM D7042 mm2 /s 1400
Boiling Point (ERBP) SAE J-1703 min ºC 265
Wet Boiling Point (WERBP) FVMSS-116 ºC 162
Flash Point IP 523 ºC 115
pH FVMSS-116 8.00


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