Calcium Grease (120˚c)

Volume: 15KG

EXN- GRASIOS CALSIUM GREASE NLGI-3 is a quality , smooth calcium soap based grease and fortified with the best known natural solid lubricant, graphite. Manufactured to NLGI -3 consistency , the grease provides the best combination of performance and economy for most application. EXN- GRASIOS CALSIUM GREASE NLGI-3 are resistant to water and have a good mechanical stability .The use of this grease will minimizes wear through the use of the solid lubricant and provide extended lubricant coverage due to even distribution of the product along the wearing parts. This also reduces the noise of the metal -joints by minimizing metal to metal contacts. It pump over a wide temperature range and resists water washing.

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EXN- GRASIOS CALSIUM GREASE NLGI-3 is recommended for flexible couplings in various industrial application where incidental water contact is high.


● Posseses excellent shear stability under heavy duty service
● Excellent water tolerance and is adaptable to normal grease dispensing systems including centralised lubrication systems
● Protection against rust and corossion
● It prevents wearing at impact and vibrating loads
● Protects against rust and corrosion, even in salt wate

Specification and Approvals

Technical Data Properties
Appearance   Original
NLGI   3.0
Thickener   Calcium
Texture   Soft, Smooth
Dropping Point ASTM D-2265 120
Worked Penetration @ 25 °C ASTM D-217 290
Copper Strip Corossion ASTM D-130 Passed

Product Performance Claim